Thursday, October 28, 2010

labor day weekend...

Bob traveled to Madison for Labor Day weekend to participate in his fanatsy football draft and play some golf with some of his Knox golfing buddies.  So, that left me and the kiddos about 4 days to fill...yikes!  I'm honestly not even sure what we did the whole weekend.  We took a trip to the library, played and watched movies, pretty much what we do all the time.  We did head up to the lake on Sunday for a while.  Amanda met us there, so it was fun to hang out with her.  (side is a PAIN to pack up 2 kids, food, drinks, swimming gear and drive an hour by yourself...although it was totally worth it).  Bob played in the Club Championship again on Sunday and Monday, so he met us up at the lake for a little bit on Sunday.  Monday the kids and I went to the course to watch Bob finish up his round (I didn't think the kids could make it through the whole round quite yet).  We of course got there after he finished, so we watched Papa Bob finish his last hole.  And my fears were confirmed that my kids can't stay quiet on the course as we drove up to the tee box and Bryce yelled "PAPA!!"  Thankfully, no one was mid-swing at the time! 

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