Friday, October 29, 2010


We headed to IA to celebrate the birthdays of a couple of our favorite people.  My good friend Jill and her daughter Mya.  We went to Jumpin' Janes (an indoor inflatable play place) in Dubuque for Mya's party.  The kids had a blast.  At first Bob and I had to help/encourage them to try stuff, but after a while they went crazy.  Bryce climbed up a big slide probably 15 times in a row...he loved it, but his little legs were so tired that he couldn't make it up the stairs the last time.  It was pretty adorable  to watch.  We headed back to the Curry house after that for some food, cake and drinks (for the big people).  It was so great to hang out with some amazingly fun people.  We even broke out the board games.  I LOVE board having friends that love them (and are as competative as I am) is so great.  We love the Currys and anytime we get to spend with them is always fun. 
 the glasses I made Jill for her birthday
 Brianna & Mya
Bryce climbing the slide...again

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