Thursday, July 15, 2010

busy summer continues...

Lets see...we're up to the weekend of June 26th/27th now. Bob's cousin John and his wife Kelly got married back in February in Jamaica but were having a reception back here in IL on June 26th. So we were excited to go to the reception and looking forward to seeing a lot of family, some of whom we hadn't seen in a long time. Friday Bryce started running a fever. It wasn't extremely high so we just wrote it off to teething (he is working on some molars). By Friday night/Saturday morning he was extremely crabby and just not himself. Bob went off to play golf on Saturday morning and I took Bryce (and Brianna) to the doctor. Bryce looked good...except for his throat. The doctor said that it was unlikely he had strep unless someone else had it. He mentioned that hand, foot and mouth disease was going around and that you don't necessarily present with the blisters. He didn't get a good look at Bryce's throat (other than to see that it was very red) and when his strep test came back negative he concluded that it was most likely hand, foot, and mouth disease and it would probably be best to keep him away from other kids. So, no reception for me or Bryce. What a bummer! Bob took Brianna and they had a great time, but I was sad to miss it! Bryce never spiked a fever all day on Saturday and since that is how you know you're not contagious anymore, we decided it was safe to go up to the lake on Sunday. We had such a great time at the lake the weather was fantastic...and I of course got my first burn of the season. We spent most of the day in the water and Brianna had so much fun playing with her cousin Joe. She is now writing him letters (he lives in Virginia) and they are going to be pen pals since they don't see each other much, but have so much fun when they are together. Enough with my are a few pictures!

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