Thursday, December 03, 2009


Dear Bubba,
That is how many days it has been since you burst into our lives. You surprised me then little man and you have continued to surprise me every day for the last 365 days. December 3, 2008 was the beginning of a wonderful, joyful chapter in our lives. You just started walking and you looked so proud of yourself, but I think it is too slow for you. You are a speed demon crawler and you can get into anything before I can even blink. You test my patience every day (you'd think that after your sister I'd be cool as a cucumber...but no), but that smile makes me forget it all. I love the way you are finding your voice and never for 1 second let us forget you are in the room or if we are in a different room you let us know where you are. You don't like to eat anything different than we are and you get mad if we try to give you something we are not eating. You are pretty much done with bottles, you will grab any sippy cup you can get your little hands on. Can I tell you a secret? I love that you save your big sloppy kisses only for your mama (although we do have to work on the not biting cheeks are not chew toys). The smile that breaks out on your face when you see me for the first time every day melts my heart. I even love that at 11pm (almost) every single night you wake up and just want to cuddle for a little bit, you'll lay your head on my chest and smile and then you start crawling all over the place, and when I put you back in your bed you don't make a sound, it is like you just wanted to see mama and dada one last time before you really go to sleep for the night, to make sure we are still there. You are stubborn just like your big sister, and you love her with everything you have. I still cannot wrap my head around how these last 365 days have has been a whirlwind. We started out a tad rocky, but I think we're hitting our stride now. In those last few minutes before you were born I was scared, you were having some problems all of the sudden there were 5 extra people in the room, your daddy didn't even get to cut the cord, but in the midst of it all I heard the doctor say it was a boy and I looked at your daddy and he had the biggest smile I've ever seen and tears in his eyes. I heard you cry and the doctor said you were just fine, perfect in fact, and I saw for myself how perfect you truly were. Your smile and your laugh are infectious, it is impossible to stay unhappy when you are in the room smiling and laughing. You are still mama's little cuddle bug and I love that. How lucky I have been to be able to share each of these last 365 days with see your first smile, crawling, first steps, to notice when your first teeth (finally) came through. A year ago I was blessed with a perfect baby boy, and today I'm feeling especially blessed that you are in our lives. How fast time goes and things change. I love you birthday boy!
Love always and forever,

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