Friday, October 02, 2009

feeding my creative side...

Lately I've become obsessed with jewelry. Finding the right necklace or bracelet can always make me feel so much more put together with whatever I'm wearing and can add just that certain thing that makes ME feel pretty. I have a few staples that I wear pretty consistently that add a pop of color or just complete whatever look I'm going for. I tell you all of this because in my attempt to find a new hobby and fill the need for a creative outlet, I started making necklaces and bracelets...and to generate a little income to feed my new hobby :) I decided to offer up some of my creations for sale.

As of now, I have 3 necklaces with these colors. They are not the same, but do have the same color beads. All the beads are glass with silver links and lobster clasps. Email me at if you are interested. Price for the necklaces is $25 and $15 for bracelets (prices include shipping).

If you are interested but these are not really "your" colors, please email me and let me know what colors you would like and I would be happy to make one to suit your wants and needs. I can also make children's sizes. These would make excellent Christmas gifts! :)

(I will post more pictures as they become available)

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Holly said...

Awesome!! They are great Amber! I hope you get some interest in selling them. I may check back in with you and get something for Ella and Lily for Christmas. What a great hobby/income idea for you. I always love the jewelry you wear.