Thursday, October 02, 2008

the long awaited pictures...

First, here is the belly picture. 27 weeks and counting (yes, my belly has tripled in size since the last picture...or at least it seems like it). (The picture on the left is me 26 weeks pregnant with Brianna for comparison purposes...not the most flattering shirt)

Next, here are a couple pictures of the kids playing Wii. Cow racing is serious business! I unfortunately didn't capture the funniest thing, after the race is over the "mii" that wins jumps up and down with their arms in the air and the one that loses hangs his/her head and is very sad. Well the kids have perfected these looks (thankfully they are pretty evenly matched so they each get their fair share of happy and sad) Anyway, after they get done being happy or sad, the look at each other and say "I gonna win this time!" too cute....gotta love 'em!

(I tried to post a video of the kids dancing while Nick was playing Guitar Hero, but it wasn't working...I'll try again later)
Happy Friday everyone!

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Holly said... are carrying very high and basketball-like. I'm going to predict: BOY! :-) You need to get a video of the kids imitating the wii. That sounds so adorable!