Friday, October 17, 2008

bring on the weekend... I love Fridays! This week has been completely insane at work, with the personal deadline for those who had extended back in April. I did about 15 tax returns in 2 days (which may not seem like alot, but most of the people that have extended don't have the easiest returns, businesses, rental properties, etc) By Wednesday night I was mentally and physically exhausted. Anyway, enough about work, it is the weekend! Angie, Nick and the boys are on their way here for the weekend and we're heading to the pumpkin farm tomorrow with the kids, with the plan to carve pumpkins tomorrow afternoon. We're all excited to have visitors and hopefully it'll be a fun, relaxing weekend for all!

I'll leave you with Brianna's school picture. My baby is growing up!

Have a great weekend all! I'll hopefully post lots of pictures at the end of the weekend!

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