Sunday, August 12, 2007

birthday fun

Last weekend we while we were in Iowa for the Relay for Life we had a small birthday party for Brianna with my family (my grandmas and my mom, dad, Angie, & Braden). We had a Dora ice cream cake and Brianna had tons of fun.

Yesterday we had a party at our house for Bob's family and some family friends. Brianna had a blast playing with everyone and was enjoying all of the attention! We had a golfer girl cake (but lots of Dora decorations). Brianna had a great 2nd birthday!:)
We're off to Iowa on Thursday for the 2nd annual Canoe-a-palooza and then we're pretty much done traveling for the summer (as the summer is over anyway!) Hopefully I'll have some pictures from that next week! Have a great week everyone! Check out the rest of the birthday party pictures...there are a few!

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