Sunday, March 04, 2007

short and sweet

Hi All!
Just a quick note to let you know we're still alive, we've just been really busy lately (you season and all)! I've tried to get Bob to post during tax season, but so far, no luck! :) Anyway, not much new and exciting going on around here. Brianna is growing so fast and is adding some words to her vocabulary, bubble, hat, brr, etc, unfortunately none of them are "please and thanks" (we really need to work on that). She seems to have, in the last month or so, decided she is too old to take naps at daycare. Everyday when we pick her up we hear..."no nap today". At least she has stopped waking the other kids up (I think). She runs around like crazy person most of the day, and always has some new bruises from bumping into things cause she doesn't pay attention to what she is doing...I think she gets that from her daddy! ;) Other than that, we've just been busy with work and day-to-day life. Unfortunately I don't have any new pictures. But I'll try to post some soon. We have visitors coming next weekend (yay!!) and I'm sure there will be some pictures from that, Grandpa Bob and Grandma Nancy are watching Brianna on Friday night while we go out with some friends, but I promise to take some new pictures of Brianna soon. Anyway, I guess I should get back to this work I brought home. Hope everyone had a great weekend and have a great upcoming week!
Lots of Love to you all!

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