Tuesday, September 05, 2006

just another day...

Hello All! So things have been pretty quiet(not literally quiet, but you know what I mean!) around the Carroll household lately. No big or exciting news, Brianna still isn't walking or talking, although she does babble quite a bit. She's learned some new things, like if you ask her where her belly is, she will point (or slap) her adorably round tummy and laugh. She also will give kisses when you ask, although most times you get a big open mouthed slobber! :) and when she blows kisses she now makes the "kissy" sound. It is all quite adorable (of course)!

Anyway, Brianna now has 8 teeth and we are figuring out what what she can't eat (and that is A LOT of stuff!) But she is doing well, as are we. We had a very lazy weekend this past weekend, but it was so nice to stay home and spend time together. Well, I guess there isnt' too much else going on, so I guess I should sign off for now! Hope all is well with all of you out there! All our Love!

OH...there are new pictures in the September 2006 album, check them out! :)

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