Sunday, September 10, 2006

almost monday already???

As you can see...Brianna had a tough weekend! :) Wait...was there a weekend?? Did I miss it? Anyway, I was home very little this weekend. Thursday night I got my hair cut, Friday night we piled into the car and went to the Step By Step PTA resale. This is a group I got involved in about a year ago, and twice a year they have a big resale, and since I volunteer I get to shop the night before. There is a lot of great stuff there, I ended up getting a bunch of clothes, a couple winter coats, and a pair of shoes for Brianna and also a bunch of clothes for Braden. Oh...and Halloween costumes :), and the most fabulous item (at least in Brianna's eyes) the Little Tikes Activity Garden. They have one of these at daycare, and apparently she is the "queen of the garden". Her eyes lit up and she got this huge smile on her face when I brought it in the house. She has played with it all weekend. The garden however, is going to be making its home and Grandpa Bob and Grandma Nancy' I know she'll enjoy it when she goes there to visit :). So Saturday I volunteered at said resale from 7-4:30 (I was supposed to be there until 5 but they told me to leave early). So, we definitely didn't do much last night, and today was spent going to church and setting up my new computer! :) There are some changes going on around here...(and no I'm not pregnant) I have officially enrolled in a course to become a medical transcriptionist. I've been thinking about it for a while, and finally decided to take the plunge. It will enable (hopefully) me to do some work from home and earn a little extra money, with the potential to maybe someday allow me to stay home and work, but that is in the very distant future, but I'm excited about my new little adventure. Other than the outpouring of money at the beginning (the course and the much needed new computer), I'm very optimistic that this will be a good change for me. But other than that I guess there isn't too much else going on. There are a few new pictures in the album, but I'll try to be better about taking more!! Have a fabulous week everyone!

Congrats to Jill & Chris Curry on the birth of your baby girl on September 8!! We're soo happy for you, can't wait to see her!! Love you all!

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