Wednesday, March 08, 2006

finally....a new post

I know...I know...its been a long time. What can I say, we've been busy! :o) Plus, there isn't a whole lot exciting going on here, I've been working like a crazy person, and we've been gone the last few weekends. The last weekend in February we went to Angie & Nick's for Braden's baptism. He has gotten so big! It was nice to spend some time with them. Although, the Thursday before we left we took Brianna to the doctor as she had been very wheezy and not sounding very well. She ended up having a double ear infection, which we wouldn't have known about had it not been for the fact that we decided her wheezing needed a doctors attention. She seemed perfectly fine and didn't do anything abnormal that would have caused us to believe she had ear infections. Anyway, she was put on an antibiotic for that and then 3 different meds for her wheezing. She wasn't a very happy camper the weekend of Braden's baptism, partly from the meds and partly from her schedule being all mixed up. She ended up having to be put on a different antibiotic for her ear infections as the first one didn't help at all. But she is doing much better now. She has 2 more days of the antibiotic left and a few more weeks of one of the meds for the wheezing. But like I said, she is doing much better now. We had the kids's (Brianna & Braden) picture taken together on Monday. They were so adorable, and the pictures turned out fabulously! We can't wait to get them back, you would swear they were twins, because they are the same size!! :o) Last weekend Brianna and I took a trip to Iowa. I met up with some friends from high school for the weekend and Brianna got to spend some quality time with Grandma Susan and Grandpa Lester. It was a great weekend, except for the awful weather that showed up just in time for our drive back to Illinois! Oh well, we made it safe and sound. Other than that, I guess there isn't too much going on. I've added some new pictures, click on the March 2006 link. I know they aren't all from March, but give me a break! :o) Next week is corporate tax deadline, so don't expect too much out of me before then. Sending you all lots of love!

Happy Birthday Mom on the 12th!

Congrats Audrey & Seth on your tiny little bundle of joy!
Kelsey Ann born 2/24/06 5lbs 3oz 18 inches
She is an absolute doll!!

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