Thursday, February 02, 2006

its my 1/2 birthday!!

Yep...that's right...I'm six months old today! Since my little cousin McKenna gets to write on her mommy and daddy's blog, I told mommy that I wanted to write too, since I'm older! :o) Mommy and daddy say that I'm growing like a weed...I'm not sure what that means, but they sure think its funny. Mommy says that I am growing up too fast and she tells me to slow down, but I'm not sure how to do that, so I just smile at her and that seems to make her feel better. I've been going to a place that has lots of other kids while mommy and daddy go to work. Mommy used to take me to work with her, and that was fun for a while especially when the big, white, furry dog was there, but then it got boring, because she was busy and couldn't play with me all the time. I like the place with all the kids, but I miss mommy and daddy. Grandpa Bob and Grandma Nancy come and pick me up every now and then and play with me until mommy and daddy get home. Mommy has been working a lot because she has to do something called "taxes" it doesn't sound very fun....I wonder why she does it? Anyway, daddy has been busy at work too, but he comes and picks me up every day and I really like that. Mommy and daddy say we get to go visit Grandpa Lester, Grandma Susan, Aunt Angie, Uncle Nick, & cousin Braden soon and my Great-Grandmas Kramer & Felton too, that makes me very happy, I like playing with Cousin Braden! I heard mommy and daddy talking before and they said I have to go to the doctor tomorrow for my 6 month check-up. I don't like when they weigh me, and I think I have to get shots too...ouch! Good thing Mommy and Daddy are there to give me lots of hugs and kisses when its over. Well...I'm getting sleepy so I'd better say goodnight... This writing thing is tougher than it looks, so I think I'll leave this to mommy for a while. I'm sure she'll tell you all how much I've grown, she gets excited by the little things...she's silly. Goodnight everyone! Lots of love to you all from me!!

McKenna~ You're much better at this than me...maybe when you get to go home with your mommy and daddy we can have a play-date and you can teach me a few things about writing!

"Auntie" Amanda~ Hope you had a happy birthday yesterday, I'll see you on Sunday!

Oh...and mommy put some new pictures of me in the latest and greatest album (like there aren't enough pictures of me) she always has that stinkin' camera in my face.

OK, I'm really going to bed now...night...

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