Sunday, September 25, 2005

another busy weekend

Well...I think this will be a short post tonight, since I'm exhausted. Nancy threw a shower for Miss Brianna today, so we just got home a couple of hours ago. She got so many nice things (as she has for the last almost 2 months) I don't know where we are going to put it all! It was a very nice party. Other than that I guess we didn't do too much, so I guess it wasn't really that busy, it just seemed that way. Mom came on Tuesday night and we headed to Matteson, IL for the Enrolled Agent Exam. Mom spent time with Brianna while I beat my head on the table from this ridiculous exam. Other than that our week was pretty boring I guess. I've posted some new pictures of Brianna in Volume 3, and also some additional pictures from Baptism in the Baptism album. Nancy gave us some pictures so I uploaded them, I'm sure there are duplicates, but I didn't have a whole lot of time to sort through everything, so take a look if you want. The picture to the left is Brianna all dressed up for her shower. She slept pretty much the whole time and the ladies there doubted that she ever opened her eyes, just like some family members I know! :o) But as you can see, it does happen on occasion that she opens her eyes. Other than that I guess there isn't too much new to report. I'll try to write again soon and post some more pictures of her. And before anyone asks...I don't know how big she is now...ask me after October 7th when we go back to the doctor! :o) Goodnight All!

Happy Anniversary Ben & Amanda!

Happy Birthday tomorrow Dad!

Congrats Joe, Amy, & Jake on your newest addition, Joseph Robert! We are very excited for you and he is absolutely adorable!

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