Wednesday, January 09, 2013

just go to sleep would ya....

I'm what...7 days and 4 posts into the new year and I'm already out of things to talk about. 
Here's one...bedtime routines...what do you guys do to get your kids to bed with no fuss?  I know there are some of you out there, we have friends that put their kids down at 6-7 pm and they don't hear another peep out of them until morning.  On more than one occasion Bryce has been up well past 10pm.  We put him to bed and he just continually gets out of bed until someone yells and then he will eventually pass out.  Both kids are hard to get up in the morning (neither have ever been kids to get up at 5am...ever!), but we're combating that with family breakfasts. Even though they don't have to leave for school until close to 8am, they get up at 6:15ish and eat breakfast with me before I go to work.  This gives them time to eat, get dressed and truly wake up without being too rushed in the morning.  So far it seems to be helping and mornings seem to be a bit less stressful (although truthfully, Bob would be the one to ask since I'm out the door by 6:30/6:40 every morning...but he tells me it is helping).  Bedtimes are still a struggle though...both kids say they are scared and want to sleep with us...this is not an option in our house.  I honestly don't think they are scared, it is just a stall tactic.  We've tried letting them play for 15 minutes in their rooms before bedtime to unwind a little, they get plenty of notice that bedtime is approaching, but still there is crying almost every night.  So, those of you that are bedtime magicians with kids that just go to bed at bedtime...what is your secret??  This worn out mama wants to know!

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