Wednesday, November 09, 2011

snow...oh no...

Today was the first snowstorm of the season.  We got a bunch of heavy wet snow in a very short period of time, it made for quite the mess!  While a good deal of it has melted already it is still leaving a mess behind.  The gravel was a muddy gross mess before the snow and it is about 100 times worse now.  It was a long drive into school this morning.  The 5 mile trip took us about 20 minutes.  I really want to like the snow, I do...but I HATE driving in it.  The kids got up this morning and were so excited about the snow.  I don't like that my first thought when I see snow is a negative one.  I miss being a kid where the winter meant late starts, snow days and playing in the snow.  Oh to be a kid again! :)

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