Sunday, November 13, 2011

i forgot again...

Man...I forgot to post again.  We were gone all day yesterday and after I got the kids in bed, I read a little bit and then went to sleep myself.  The kids are both still sleeping and Bryce is currently trying to push me out of the bed.  Although, he did just crawl in here about 20 minutes ago, so that is a vast improvement on what has been going on lately.  I almost hate to say this out loud so as not to jinx myself...BUT he is almost entirely potty trained.  Thank goodness!  He still has pull-ups for at night, just can't seem to get that down, but otherwise he is good throughout the day.  Well, I have a lot of jewelry to make today so I should probably get at it.  Can I tell you a secret though...I really would love nothing better than to just curl up with my book!  It sort of reminds me of the Dan Brown books The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, if you are into those sorts of books you should check out The Guardian by Robbie Cheuvront and Erik Reed.  I'm about half way through and am really enjoying it.  With that, I will leave you with this picture of the kiddos from yesterday...pre-fighting!  (Sorry Grandma that you had to listen to the endless fighting and complaining yesterday!)

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