Saturday, August 20, 2011

where do i start...

Since it has been a little while since I've posted, I'm doing this post mind dump style (bullet point list). Sorry if this comes across as a complaint list...I am really not complaining (I save my complaining for phone calls with my mom :) I am just trying to rid my brain of all of this garbage and also so that maybe one day I can look back at this time in our lives and pat myself on the back for making it through!
  • 3 weeks ago the alternator went out in my car plus it was in desperate need of 4 new tires.
  • did you know that you really shouldn't drive 7 years and 89,000 miles on the same set of tires...oops!
  • 2 weeks ago we got locked out of our house when the power went out and we had left home to go to a movie not realizing we didn't have a house key (it was in the realtor lock box)
  • last week the fuel pump and relay went out of Bob's car
  • in case you're having trouble keeping track...that is 2 major car repairs in 3 weeks
  • the tire pressure light is on in my car
  • reminder...the tires are 3 weeks old...taking it in tomorrow to get checked.
  • oh yes, my brakes are making a horrendous noise
  • why not add a 3rd car repair in 4 weeks?
  • the kids and I moved in with my parents on Monday
  • they are wonderful but I feel terrible about imposing on them (I know, Mom, we're not)
  • yesterday I did some therapy was what I needed
  • we're back in IL now thankfully because I don't need to eat what I baked
  • did you know stress is NOT good for weight loss?  (go figure!)
  • because the kids have been getting into trouble when I put them to bed at my parent's house...I have been forced to go to bed at 9pm...this is probably a good thing
  • my baby is starting kindergarten on Monday...she is ready...I'm not so much
  • had an interview today...that is all I'm saying
  • the only thing not happening at warp speed in our lives right now is selling this damn house
  • Guess what...our house still hasn't sold
  • I am confused as to where home is now.  I don't know whether to call IA home or call the place the house we own home.
  • I think the "home" distinction would be much easier if we were all living together.
  • I'm the luckiest girl in the world to be married to a man who everyday pushes me to believe in myself and not sell myself short, to believe that I am worth more than I think I am
  • As rough as the last month has been I have never felt so surrounded by love and support
Happy Weekend Everyone!  Love and Peace to you all!

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