Monday, July 25, 2011

my girl...

Today Bob took Bryce to the Illinois Open to watch Brian play so Brianna and I had the afternoon to ourselves.  (Side note...apparently Bryce was amazingly well behaved at the course and quiet and listened well...the kid has a serious love of golf already.  It is all he has talked about since being home).  Anyway, Brianna's birthday is next week and since we are moving soon, her two little friends from daycare/preschool are coming over Monday night for a sleepover and then Tuesday we're taking the girls to the mall to have their hair, nails and makeup done at a little girl's party place, then I had the bright idea to take the three girls and have their picture taken together all dolled up.  Of course I am me, so I decided they needed matching outfits so I decided to make them tutus.  (wow, I went off on a little tangent here).  All of this to say that we headed out this afternoon to get supplies for the tutus and also shoe shopping for the wedding we are going to this weekend (both of us needed shoes).  It was so fun shoe shopping with her, she definitely has an opinion about what she likes and doesn't and having conversations with her now it so fun.  As I said on facebook tonight, having a girl certainly brings a lot of drama to life, but days like today make all of it worth while.  I know Brianna and I will certainly butt heads in the future, but hopefully there are also many more days like today in our future. 

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