Thursday, June 16, 2011

thankful, thankful...

I know...I missed last Thursday.  I have no excuse other than I had a very rough day and I wasn't feeling very thankful.  Although thinking about that, writing this post was probably exactly what I needed.  Anyway, I didn't want you all to feel neglected so I'm going to write a quick thankful post and get back to my baking.  I am so so thankful these last couple of weeks for my family (both by blood and by marriage) for their love and support and for listening to me complain.  To Bob for all the little things he does, like bringing me ice cream when I had a bad day or putting an umbrella in my car when there is rain in the forecast.  For the kids who make me laugh and remind me to take some time to be carefree and have fun. Lastly, for my amazing friends who are always there for me,who can make me smile when I'm down and just listening and loving me for me (bad parts and all). 

We are in Iowa for the next few days so maybe (don't hold your breath though) I may have some new pictures for you after the weekend.  I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of family this weekend, just what the doctor ordered! 

Have a great rest of the week/weekend all!  Hope you all find some time to be thankful for all of your blessings!

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