Tuesday, April 05, 2011

thankful day 22 (the birthday edition...a day late)...

My thankful post for yesterday got sidelined because I somehow managed to pick up a stomach bug and spent the good part of my birthday laying on the couch willing myself not to get sick and praying for the moment when Bob got home from work.  Not exactly how I wanted the day to go.  But, even with the illness I am still so extrememly thankful for so many things...here are my top 5 for yesterday.
  1. coming down the stairs and hearing Bryce say "MOMMY...IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!"
  2. the kids snuggling and cuddling with me throughout the day
  3. my thoughtful daughter who drug her daddy out because she wanted to get me a special present
  4. my wonderful husband who got me chicken noodle soup (even if I didn't eat it until today)
  5. that God has truly blessed my 31 years on this earth

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