Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i will return shortly...

To tie you over until I return with some real posts....check out these things.

  • New stuff over at links of love. There will be new things posted every day for the next couple of weeks.

  • I'm in the process of uploading a BUNCH of pictures to shutterfly. I've been really good about uploading them to facebook...but not so much to shutterfly. The new pictures are just from April (well the end of March too) so I know I'm still a couple of months behind...but honestly I don't even think I took many during that time. Anyway... check them out.
If those two things aren't enough for you...I don't know what to tell you...I do have some stuff to post...I just haven't slept much in the last 5 days...so give me another few days to let my brain recharge and I'll be back. In the meantime...here is a picture of some darn cute kiddos...if I do say so myself!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

the big 3-0...

I think it is probably a bit indulgent to write a birthday post for myself, but sometimes I need to remind myself of the things that got me to where I am today, in the hectic day-to-day I often don't stop to appreciate the small things, but rather tuck them away to sit and think about when I have "more time". Well today I'm dusting off those old memories to remind myself what the last 10 years have been like as I say goodbye to my 20s (I really have no idea where Brianna gets her dramatics!)
The 20s were good to me for the most part, though they did have their share of bad times...the loss of my grandpas, two dear sweet men that I was so fortunate to have in my life for so long, a miscarriage that although was 6 years ago has left a hole in my heart that will never quite heal. The loss of Bob's grandmas, sweet women who will forever be missed. While these events were devastating, there are so many things that happened in my 20s that have brought me so much joy. Meeting and dating Bob, graduating college, making some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for, getting engaged, getting married to my best friend, witnessing many, many, many (like 50ish) of our family and friends get married. Buying our first house, having 2 beautiful babies, becoming an aunt, watching my children grow, and falling more in love with my husband every day.
These things and many, many more have made a mark on my 20s. These are the events that shaped my life over these last 10 years. I feel so very very blessed in my life...I have wonderful incredible friends and a loving supportive family. By looking back at the last 10 years I am looking forward to what the next 10 bring! Bring it on 30...bring it on! :)