Thursday, July 08, 2010

life laughs (a book review)...

Last week we headed to the library, one of my favorite places ever. Normally I go in there with a couple of books I want to check out and then end up finding a bunch more that catch my eye. I read (and enjoy) all kinds of books. It isn't strange to see me walk out of the library with a mystery novel, a biography, another nonfiction work, and some other novel. All of this is to say last week I went in with nothing in mind. All of the titles that I have been wanting to read were checked out so I wandered. I actually became sort of frustrated it was probably close to 30 minutes before something caught my eye. That us crazy for me, I can usually have 6 books in my arms in 5 minutes. Anyway, I ended up with 6 books, and since I am attempting to write on the blog more I decided to review a couple of them (maybe all of them).
Life Laughs by Jenny McCarthy was at the top of my library pile. I had previously read Belly Laughs and really enjoyed her straight-forward no holding back humor. This book was definitely more of that. She says things that many of us think but don't say out loud. Reading this book is like talking to an old friend over several glasses of wine where your conversation hops from one thing to another. She writes openly and honestly about marriage and divorce and being a mommy. I really enjoyed this book it was a light easy read that left me noddingy head and laughing. If you're looking for a quick fun read I suggest you pick this up.

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