Saturday, March 06, 2010

bryce update...

Well...our little guy had his 15 month checkup this past week. He is now a whopping 23lbs and 30inches (which was the same measurement they had last time so someone measured wrong according to the doctor). He is in the 35th percentile for weight, 16th for length, and 6th for his head circumference. Yes, my baby has a small head. :) It has always measured on the small side, but it is growing on the right growth path so it is nothing to worry about (not that I was). He is all over all the time. He never...I mean NEVER stops. He is most of the time a huge sweetheart who loves to laugh and sit on your lap and play with toys or look at books. He does have his mean streaks (most occur when he is tired or just really excited). He has a tendency to bite...which I HATE. I think maybe it bothers me more than it normally would because Brianna was always the kid that got bit, so I know how it feels to be on that end of it. Thankfully (I guess) Bryce really only bites me and occasionally Brianna and Bob. In all honesty, I believe he thinks he is playing...he thinks we are joking when we react and he laughs. I don't in my heart believe his biting is mean-spirited or even because he wants to hurt someone, to him it is just playing. Other than that and trying to eat his crib or tearing the wallpaper border off the wall...he is an angel! :) can you not love this little guy?

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Anonymous said...

How different those little boys are from our sweet little girls, huh? I am amazed at the difference. Beckett is just lovey and smiley, but he gets this determined look in his eye, and I know he is just going to get more determined!!!
So glad to read your updates...I have been waiting for awhile:) And good job on the cake. I am impressed that you even found time to do that...much less to do it so well!!