Sunday, January 24, 2010

to tired for anything significant...

Sunday night already?? Ugh! We spent the weekend cleaning and moving furniture and purging the house of some of our junk. We moved (after much internal debate on my part) Brianna to her own room in the "basement" (we don't really have a basement, but we call it that or as Brianna likes to call it down-down stairs) Anyway, it was a pretty overwhelming task, but with Bob and Nancy's help (by taking the kids for the weekend) and Bob and I working our tails off we got it done. Along with a good cleaning of the house. I feel good about everything we accomplished this weekend, but I am now exhausted. I didn't post about my workouts/eating on Friday well because frankly I sucked last week and didn't do much of anything. I know I should still post that stuff but I was busy! :) I am planning on posting video tours of the kids' rooms tomorrow, so that should keep you all on the edge of your seats! Until then...enjoy what is left of your weekend!

**How cool is it that Kelly from The Girls from Ames left me a comment on my post? I'll be honest...I squealed out loud when I read it. I have no idea how she found my little piece of blogland, but I'm honored that she took the time to leave me a comment. Yay! Thank you Kelly, you made this Iowa girl's day!)**

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