Thursday, January 14, 2010

anyone still out there?

Oh has been a while hasn't it? I don't even know where to begin at this point. When I last left you we had just celebrated Bryce's 1st birthday. So, I will update you on the kiddos and then try to update the other stuff in the next few posts.

Shortly after his birthday the little man started to really walk...well run...everywhere. Once he figured out that walking/running was really faster than crawling he started running and never looked back. He went for his year check-up and weighed in at 21lbs and is still on the small side, but growing right along his own little growth curve. His iron was a bit low when they checked it at his appointment but we're giving him supplements and he seems to be doing OK. They will recheck it at his 15 month appointment. He ended up with an ear infection and potential pink eye to end out the year and last week he ended up back at the doctors because he was running a fever while on antibiotics. When we got to the office his temp was 103.9!! He was put on a stronger antibiotic because the doctor was worried about a sinus infectino, but we got no real reason he had such a high temp on antibiotics. He seems to be doing much better now and we have just a few days left of the antibiotic, but he takes his medicine like a champ so I can't complain. Hopefully he'll stay healthy for a while now!

Miss Brianna is doing quite well she is still loving school and says stuff all the time that just crack us up. She is really anxious to learn to read and even picked out a chapter book to buy with some Christmas money she had. She has a very active imagination and is so creative and loves to dance and sing. Don't kid yourself she is still just as sassy as always but she is also a big help most of the time. Other than that....nothing much new to report on the kiddo front. They are growing too fast, but I'm glad I'm here to watch them! :)

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