Tuesday, April 07, 2009

following her lead...

In honor of Jodie's air it out post I've decided to give it a shot myself...

1. Our kids have no bedtime routine, it is not unusual for Brianna to be awake at 10pm (or later) this is our fault, but I do not have the patience to try to instill a bedtime routine.

2. I try to give the kids a bath every other day, but that doesn't always happen (read...almost never) Heck we are stuck inside all day, every day...how dirty can they be?

3. The thought of packing up 2 kids in carseats to drive down the block to the store (when it is too cold to walk) makes me want to cry, so we don't go anywhere.

4. I often threaten that we will not go somewhere because of bad behavior, but don't often follow through because it is usually more punishment for everyone else than it is for her.

5. I have showered 1 time since last Friday, it was also the only time I've left the house since then.

6. I can't remember the last time I dusted. Our living room furniture is supposed to be a dark wood, instead it looks gray.

7. I have stood in the shower until the hot water runs out because it is the only place I occasionally have some privacy.

8. Our 3 year old has a TV in her room, and it is on every night when she goes to bed.

9. I didn't feel guilty having Brianna in daycare. I realize now how many less dirty diapers I had to change while she was there. (plus she loved it)

10. I've taken a shower and put on the same (dirty) clothes I've worn and slept in for days on end...more than I care to admit.

There are a million more, but I'm not brave enough to share all of them :)

I'm embarrassed about these things because of the way I think people will react to them not because I'm truly embarrassed about them (well maybe the shower thing :)).
I just watched the Oprah show from yesterday and it is funny how I related to the mom's on there who said a million things I've been thinking, so I wonder why I still feel so ashamed of all the things I feel and why I wrote and edited this post about 15 times before I even felt slightly comfortable posting this.


Ellie said...

I can relate everything you wrote! I too waited almost 2 hours before publishing my list. And now I still may delete it. Thank you for your honesty and your post:)

Trish Koch said...

I know how you feel--guilt was on my list before I even posted it! I have come to the conclusion that if any one wants to gripe at you about your list, it is because they are lying to themselves.

Jodie Allen said...

Great post! But man OH man do I hate that you have no break at night! My kids are in bed by 6:30pm or mommy starts drinking! HA! I honestly don't know how you handle them being around you all day and night! I NEED a break by the evening and can't throw them i n bed fast enough! :)

Thanks for sharing your heart and your struggles... did it help? For me it's truly the comments and emails and connections I always form with other women that helps the most.

Happy Tuesday!

Dawn said...

At least you have two kids! Absolutely childless, I haven't dusted (nor vacuumed, mopped, or anything else) in probably over a month. It just seems like a lot of effort. I've put it off the last couple of weeks knowing that Jenn is coming to visit and I'd have to do it right before she got here anyway...might as well wait a little longer...

I often choose not to go places simply because it seems like too much effort. And the shower is also my favorite place (and it's not like I have to get away from Chris...he's rarely here!) It's just a good place to be. :)

It looks like I'm already struggling with SAHM issues and I'm just a wife! God help me if and when we have kids! YIKES! I'm not sure how yall survive without sleep!!!!

Kudos and utmost respect to you! (for both being a mom and for being honest on your blog!)

You're the best!