Tuesday, December 09, 2008

home again...

We are home, we actually got home yesterday. Bryce was doing much better on Sunday so they shut the bili lights off and watched him to make sure his numbers didn't rebound. We stayed in the hospital Saturday night in a courtesy room, but Sunday night decided we would come home and get some sleep and take Brianna to daycare on Monday to give her some sort of "normal" back as she had been shuffled around all week. We got to the NICU about 9am on Monday and saw that he was doing well. The doctor said he'd probably be released around noon, so we did his 9 o'clock feeding and hung out with him. Because of his high bili numbers the had to retest his hearing, apparently high bili levels can damage the nerves in the ears. On the first round his right ear didn't pass, so they retested him before he left and he passed. Yay! His weight yesterday at discharge was just under 5lbs. He's on a pretty strict feeding schedule right now, and did really well with it yesterday. Today we took him in to see the infant nurse and his bili level was around 9-10 and his weight was a whopping 5lbs 6oz! Almost up to his birth weight, woo hoo. He has to go back in a week for another weight check but everything looks good. It has been such a whirlwind these last 6-7 days since he decided he was ready to enter the world. But having him home now and doing so well is great. I'm tired (as you will see when you see our Christmas cards...don't mind how washed out I look! :))
I know my last post was probably a little overly dramatic, I knew he was going to be fine, and I in no way want to compare myself to those parents who watch their child/children in the NICU day after day, I fully realize it is not the same situation at all. But walking into the NICU was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Thoughts of Dale & Suzanne flooded into my mind, walking by all the isolettes with the tiniest of babies, it tore at my heart in ways I could never imagine. I think my emotions and tears had more to do with all of them than it did with Bryce. As Dale said the NICU is God's way of showing you how helpless you are. The doctors and nurses in the NICU were so wonderful, I think it takes a special kind of person to work there, and they were such a comfort to us during our short time there. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and kind words of encouragement during the last week...it means so much to us.
So, now that we're all home and Bob goes back to work tomorrow (for a week and a half), I'm hoping to sort of get into a routine, it seems like everytime I pick something up or do dishes there is suddenly another mess to clean up or another pile of dishes to do. I'm trying my best to get our Christmas cards done and Bryce's birth announcements...but we'll see :).
I'll hopefully be back blogging soon...but I think sleep may take priority for a few days!
Have a great week everyone!

(Dale I linked to you in my post...I think that means you need a new post now! :)


Abbie said...

So glad to hear that he is home and doing well. He is bouncing back to hiw birth weight super fast, that is great. Try and get some rest.

Holly said...

I've been thinking about you guys! I'm so glad to hear you are all home together and getting used to being a family of four. You will have a wonderful holiday with your new little addition. So happy to hear he's home and doing well. Take care all of you! And I think you have a pass for Christmas cards and whatnot this year. You're under enough stress as a mommy of 2 now. Don't push yourself! ;-)