Thursday, June 26, 2008

knosher outing 2008

Last Thursday we made our way to Galesburg for the Knosher Outing. Bob really enjoys attending this outing because its played at Soangetaha (their home course during college) and because he gets to play with his old teammates. He played a practice round with some of them on Thursday. While he was doing this I had lunch with some of the Business Office ladies and had a nice chat with them. Then Holly and I went to get pedicures (much better than playing a round of golf if you ask me :))and played some Wii in the hotel...where I bowled a 258 (I was super excited!). We all went out to dinner together that night and out to Seminary Street Pub after that. Friday was the outing and it was so great to see everyone, they are like kids in a candy store when they are together. Even on the rare occasion where they don't play so well, there is lots of laughter on the course. I will direct you to Holly's photos (because they are far superior to mine :)). We really do have great friends!

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