Saturday, March 22, 2008

you're gonna miss this

I heard this song yesterday and it brought a tear to my eye (yes, I've been slightly emotional lately and it did actually make me tear up...leave me alone :)) Anyway, I started thinking about how I often want time to pass quickly to get to "something better" The last few months have been ridiculously crazy and I've been having a hard time finding a balance of work and home (this is always a hard thing for me at this time of the year, but especially this year), and I have thought several hundred times over the last few weeks how I just wish it was the end of April. After hearing this song, I realized that one day I will look back and miss this time (oh...I think it will be a good many years before I even sort of miss the pressures of work right now) but if I skip through the work stuff, I would also be missing out on the home stuff. The last 2 nights Brianna and I have crawled into bed and watched a movie snuggled up together, me tickling her and her laughing, I would have missed all of that had I actually been able to skip to the end of April. She is already growing so fast and I already miss so many of the things that she has outgrown...things I never thought I'd miss. Some days she infuriates me (some say it is because she is just like me...I'm not so sure on that ;o) but in the end I wouldn't trade those days for anything. Its the bad days that make the good so much better, and if you "skip" over the not-so-good stuff how do you learn to appreciate the good? is the song with some pictures of Brianna some old and some from this morning.

Bob's Grandma Carroll passed away on Monday March 17,2008 at age 102. She is dearly loved and will be missed. We were fortunate enough to have her attend our wedding 5 years ago, it is something we will both treasure forever. We love you and will miss you.

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