Sunday, October 28, 2007

day of family fun

We had a great weekend at home (yes, we actually stayed home with no plans to go anywhere...we were shocked too). Yesterday we spent some time at a pumpkin farm, walked around, checked out the animals and selected our pumpkins. A couple of the family members then took a nap (I won't mention which ones), so I took the opportunity to make some homemade beer/cheese bread and some chili for dinner. I guess it really is fall :) I also cleaned out the pumpkins while the other two Carroll's were napping. When everyone woke up we carved pumpkins, which Brianna loved.

We also tried her costume on her, because when you ask her what she is going to be for Halloween she says "a pink doggy", but she seemed mighty surprised at how cute she looked when it was on.
Today we had a pretty lazy day around the house, but got a few things done so hopefully our week will go smoothly. Hope you had a great weekend. There are a bunch of new pictures in the October 2007 album. If you click on the link (once in shutterfly) that says 80 new pictures added in the last 7 days you don't have to scroll throught the previous October pictures. Have a great week everyone!

(sorry for the all over the place post...still having trouble with the coherent sentences :)

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