Sunday, October 29, 2006

goodbye old'll be missed

Before you get worried....the old friend we're saying goodbye to is Brianna's trusty pacifier (or pacifiers :) This will be the last pictures of her with it in her mouth, because as of Friday night, we have banished them. (Well, I take that back, we have them still but the only one she is allowed to have is the one with the tip cut off, which she HATES!) I pretty much feel like the meanest mommy in the world, and have come very close to caving (like at 3 am this morning, when she was crying and wouldn't go back to sleep) but for the most part, its been OK. The worst part is when/if she wakes up in the middle of the night and its not there, she gets very anxious. We know its not going to get any easier, so we just decided to do it, and hopefully she'll adjust pretty quickly. (Please cross your fingers that that actually happens!).

In other Brianna news ('cause lets be honest...thats what you're all here for)....she is walking! Finally! She is so cute, she still doesn't trust her legs much, but she is getting the hang of it. I may try to post some video shortly so that you can see her walking debut! I have never done that before, so we'll see how that goes.

Lets see...what else...we're still here, chugging along with work, me with my class, trying to keep our house relatively put together (haha...that is'd be laughing too if you could actually see our house right now!) There are a few more pictures in the October album, so check them out. Other than that, I guess there isn't much new going on here...I hope you all have a Happy and Safe Halloween! I'll try to post a couple pictures of Brianna in her costume for your enjoyment! Our love to you all..have a great week!

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