Wednesday, August 02, 2006

1 already....

Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Girl!
I can't believe it has been a year already. One year ago today, you were a teeny, tiny little baby (well, technically you weren't really born at this time one year ago, but you know what I mean!) and now you are a strong, independent little girl, who has no fears! You have amazed me so much in the past year, and I so have enjoyed watching you grow into the little girl you are today. And I can't wait to see what is in store for you, because I think you're going places little girl. You have so many things in you that are just like your daddy, things I admire, your strength and determination, to name a few. I see your daddy when I look in your eyes, you are the best parts of him (not that he has any bad parts...except maybe his patience while driving...but we don't have to worry about that for a little while :) ) I hope as you continue to grow you take on more of your daddy's traits, and a few of mine too :)You are such a beautiful little girl, with such a happy demeanor. Every morning I look forward to seeing your smiling face when you wake up. You are so smiley and happy that no matter what mood I'm in, you can immediately make me smile and laugh. And even when you're doing something you shouldn't, its hard for me not to smile, because you usually figure out a loophole in what I tell you not to do. Like when I tell you to stop touching something, so you touch it with your feet instead of your hands. You can race up the stairs now, and have no fear of falling, you will plop down on a step, look back and smile. (and yes, I am there watching her, for all of you reading this who think I just let her climb up the stairs alone!)You absolutely love daycare and the kids and teachers there, you practically jump out of my arms in the morning, I love that you love it there and that you are happy when we can't be with you. Everyone always told me time would go fast with you, but I didn't realize how fast until I woke up this morning. You are such a joy in my life and I love you so very, very much. I could go on and on forever, but right now you're being a little cranky...(I love that about you too) I hope you have a wonderful birthday little girl. Know that you are loved with all my heart!
I love you sweet girl!
Happy 1st Birthday!
Love Always and Forever,

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