Monday, May 01, 2006

another weekend in the books...

Hello All! I know its been a couple of weeks since I posted, but like always things are quite hectic. You would think now that tax season is "officially" over work would slow down, but no such luck. In fact I just got home from the office. We got back from St. Louis about 7:30ish, at which time I drove over to the office to do a bunch of filing that had been piling up for about a month now. Unfortuantely, the filing turned into me having to reorganize the cabinets, etc, etc. So, four and a half hours later I am finally home, and get to go back in a few hours...yippee. Besides that, we had a very good weekend. We were in St. Louis for a wedding of some friends of ours from Knox. The wedding was beautiful and we all (Ben & Amanda rode with us too)had a great time. We stayed with Angie, Nick, & Braden on Friday night (well it was actually Saturday morning by the time we arrived), so it was great to be able to see them for a little while. Brianna got to spend the weekend with Grandpa Bob and Grandma Nancy, and it sounds like they all had a great time as well. :) There isn't too much else to report with Bob and I. Since this is actually posting on Monday May 1, I guess I should be the first to wish Bob a very happy birthday! Brianna is getting more teeth!! Her top two front ones broke through last weekend. She has actually been really good with these two too, so we're very lucky on that. Other than that, there isn't too much new. She is still growing like crazy and will be 9 months old on Tuesday. Time sure does fly. She goes to the doctor on Wednesday, so we'll see how big she has gotten in the last 3 months. She has been picking things up like crazy. If you notice her tongue in the picture to the right, I don't know where she got that from but she has started doing that all the time now. She is such a little ham, as you can see. Still no crawling, but her legs are getting stronger, she'll stand against the couch for quite a while. I gues there isn't really any more "Brianna News". There are some new pictures in the April 2006 album, from the wedding, and of Braden, and a few of Brianna. I got a new camera for our anniversary/mother's day, so this was the first weekend I got to try it out. Hope you enjoy the pictures. OK, thats all for tonight, I should get to bed, so I can get up and get back to work! :'(

Brooks & Erin~ The wedding was beautiful...thanks again for inviting us! We hope you guys have a great time on your honeymoon!

Bob~ Happy 26th Birthday! & Happy Anniversary on the 3rd. We love you lots! :)

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