Sunday, April 09, 2006

early easter

So, since I heard a lot of you complaining today about us (me, Angie & Nick, and Dale & Suzanne) not having enough new posts, I thought I'd better get one up here. But just in our defense, we could not post at all, then where would you be? :) Anyway, we made a little trip to Iowa yesterday to attend Felton's Easter today. It was so great to see everyone! We definitely don't see everyone nearly enough :( We had a great time and Brianna enjoyed meeting all (well, alot) of the Felton clan, including the 6 other babies that were there. There are 7 kids under a year old! Caden was born in May of 2005, Anna in June of 2005, Brianna in August of 2005, McKenna & Braden in November of 2005, Noah in January of 2006, & Kelsey in February of 2006. The one room in Denny & Glady's house looked like a nursery. You have never seen so many carseats and diaperbags in one room! :) There are also three more babies due this year. Dawn & Jim's little one in May, Jeff & Susan's & Adam & Traci's little ones both due in July. So the Felton clan is ever expanding, but everyone is loving it! Well, I guess I should get going and get to bed, need to get to work early tomorrow! It was great to see a lot of you this weekend and we love you all! :)

There are new pictures in the April 2006 album.

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