Sunday, November 20, 2005

just a quick note

Just wanted to write a quick note, its been a busy weekend, and I'm tired, so this definitely won't be too long! Friday was Grandma's 75th birthday, so we went to Iowa to help her celebrate. On Saturday Mom and Dad went to St. Louis to wait for the arrival of their newest grandchild, so Bob, I, & Brianna headed back to Illinois. We were supposed to spend the weekend getting the house ready for Christmas, since we won't be home for the next two weekends, but we ended up not getting a whole lot accomplished! Oh well, thats usually the way that goes. There are new pictures, but I haven't created a link yet, so you can click down at the bottom of the left side to get to the main page with all the photo albums. I've created a new photo album that has pictures from Grandma's birthday (THANKS LINDA!!) and some of Brianna (yes, I know there are a lot of the same picture, but I have my reasons!) And it is easier to upload the whole file instead of picking and choosing. I promise I will go through them one day and delete a bunch, when I get some extra time! I guess that is about all. I'm anxiously awaiting pictures of my nephew, and can't wait to see him in person!

Please especially keep Dale, Suzanne, & McKenna in your prayers, that precious little angel has a strong spirit inside that tiny little body, and the power of prayer is an amazing thing!

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