Monday, March 18, 2013

a celtic witch (a review)...

This little gem arrived in my inbox yesterday...and I guess this German girl had a little luck of the Irish that I didn't have anything planned so I could sit down and spend my day reading this book cover to cover. 

A Celtic Witch brings us back to Nova Scotia to catch up with grumpy Marcus and his lavender eyed sweetie Morgan (who single handedly is making Marcus a little less grumpy).  But Marcus' world is about to be upended once again when Cassidy Farrell, a world famous Irish fiddle player, ends up in Fisher's Cove.

Cassidy loves her life on the road, she is a wandering soul but every year she removes herself from the hustle and bustle of touring and spends some time in Nova Scotia to replenish her soul.  It is the one time a year she goes to where the rocks call her.  This time something is different, the touring is taking it's toll on Cassidy and while she cannot imagine not preforming anymore she is developing a need to have some roots and a place to call home.  With the help of a community who has adopted her as one of her own, will she find that she can have both roots and wings?

I've said it a thousand times in a thousand ways, I love this series.  There is just something special and magical about this series to me.  This series is filled with love, family and community and really, what is better than that?

**I received a copy of this book from the author, but all opinions are mine and mine alone**