Sunday, September 16, 2012

to have and to code...

To Have and To Code (A Witch Central Romance) is the newest edition to my favorite community of witches by one of my all time favorite authors, Debora Geary!  I was so excited and happy when this popped up in my email on Thursday evening.  We were heading out of town on Friday and the whole time I was getting stuff put together on Thursday night all I kept thinking about is how much I wanted to stop doing it all and sit down with this book. I ended up starting it about midnight on Friday morning and read for a little while.  Then finished it on our 5 hour drive to St. Louis Friday night.  It was amazing, sweet, funny, all around fabulous book.

I love the fact that Geary is going back and telling the story of some of our favorite witch couples.  How fitting that she starts with Nell and Daniel.  If you have read the other books, you know that these are the parents of Aervyn (and if you haven't read the books...why have you not read the books??  Get on it NOW!)  The Witch Central series tells us that Daniel was the first non-witch to hack his way into the witches only level of  Realm.  To Have and To Code tells us the rest of the story.  Daniel is a man with immense talent but is sort of wandering, not having a real purpose, sure he is working and doing some good things with troubled kids, but he is still just drifting about with no real sense of home and purpose.  When he hacks his way into Realm he unknowingly changes his life forever.  Nell is a driven, focused woman.  Her life is Realm and her family and her best friend Sammy.  Nell's life is in a bit of an upheaval with the pending wedding and move of her best friend when Daniel hacks into her game and her heart.

Nell and Daniel's story is a roller coaster ride of emotions (much like any relationship), and I'm so glad that Geary has let us come along for the ride. 

I know I say this every time I write a review, but these are seriously some of my favorite books of all time.  I love everything about these books, except for the fact that they seem to be over too soon.

Happy reading everyone!!

**While I was gifted a copy of this book...these opinions are mine and mine alone.**