Sunday, July 01, 2012

late night ramblings...

Apparently the only ways to get me to post regularly is to give me a book that I really love and dangle the reward of another great book in front of me if I post a review about have 1 million things running through my head and no ability to shut them off so I can go to sleep.  Tonight it is the latter.  Since I'm not thinking super clearly tonight I think bullet points are in order, unless you'd like to read this entire post as one long run-on sentence.
  • We are on track (at least as far as I know) to close on our house on the 31st of this month.  THIS MONTH people!!  It will be the longest/shortest month ever.
  • By the time we move out, the kids and I will have been at my parents for almost an entire year.
  • My parents are saints.
  • I fall more in love with our house every time I step foot into it.  (and I LOVED it from just the pictures online).
  • As much as I love it, I am at this point still trying not to get too attached...things have had a way of falling apart for the last 2ish I'm being cautiously optimistic.
  • I know many will read the above comment and think that I am negative, but really...I'm just trying to protect myself a little from has been a very long road.
  • I am itching to get into the house and do stuff (it is empty right now), my patience is now practically non-existent.
  • I realize my last couple of bullets are completely contradictory.
  • My pinterest board for the house is completely out of control right now.  I think I could craft 24 hours a day until our closing and still not do all the stuff I want to do.
  • Who knew that finding bedding that Bob and I both like (and doesn't cost as much as the house) would be so hard?
  • Do you know that Walmart sells a shower curtain that can range from $199.99-$512.00?
  • If you are paying $512 for a shower curtain...why are you shopping at Walmart?
  • I have a hard time paying $20 for a shower is a piece of fabric that gets wet...seriously...why should that cost me that much money?
  • We have a spreadsheet of stuff we need for the house, complete with links to things we like and prices.  We are nerds.
  • If you haven't guessed by now...the house is consuming my life.
  • Although I'm never entirely happy with my baking exploits...I feel it is fairly safe to say I've made some kick ass cakes this month.
  • I made one tonight for a co-worker...angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream frosting that I decorated with raspberries, blueberries and almond slices and made them look like flowers. 
  • I made one a few weeks ago that was yellow cake with raspberry chocolate ganache and chocolate glaze frosting, garnished with fresh raspberries.
  • I'll post pictures of said cakes soon.
  • I'm so excited to make Brianna's birthday cake in my new kitchen!
  • The kitchen is my favorite part of the whole house, it sealed the deal for me.
  • I will now stop talking about the house.
  • I had about 12,000 more things to say...but I've forgotten them all. 
  • I guess that is a sign it is time to stop rambling.
Thanks as always for checking in, things are bound to be a little crazy for the next few weeks, but I'll try to pop back in just to let you know I'm still alive! Hope everyone has a great week and a happy and safe Fourth of July!!