Thursday, September 15, 2011

witches on parole: unlocked...

Just had to pop on tonight to tell you about the book I literally just finished.  I honestly would have finished it in one sitting if Bryce hadn't taken off with my nook earlier! 

Witches on Parole: Unlocked is another AMAZING book by the very talented Debora Geary.  It is a spin off of her Modern Witch series, with some of our very favorite witches making an appearance. 

Lizard and Elsie could not be more different, it seems like the only thing they do have in common is that they are both witches.  Both women have turned to WitchLight for very different reasons, Lizard to stay out of jail and Elsie to help her firm up her ethical boundaries when it comes to her clients.  Jennie is assigned to mentor both of the women, and sees a lot of herself in Lizard but has a very difficult times relating to Elsie.  Jennie enlists the help of those near and dear to her to help both Lizard and Elsie break out of the chains that are holding them into the destructive parts of their lives. 

I feel like I can't summarize anymore because I really just want you to read the book (and you don't have to read the Modern Witch series in order to understand this, but you should read them anyway, because they are fantastic).  As always, the character are lovable and relate-able and I could not put this down.  A must read in this girls opinion. 

I'm linking all the ways you can purchase these books to make it easy for you because I'm here for you my loyal readers :)

Witches on Parole: Unlocked is available at, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.
A Modern Witch is available at (kindle and paperback), Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.
A Hidden Witch is available at (kindle and paperback), Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

Happy Reading!!

Source Disclosure: While I did receive a free copy of Witches on Parole: Unlocked from the author, the opinions expressed are all my own and have received/will not receive compensation for any copies bought through these links!