Sunday, June 27, 2010

a few pics to hold you over...

I know...I know...I've been promising updates. Time just slips away from me these days! I am so far behind I don't even know where to start anymore! So, I will just leave you with 2 of my favorite images from the last 2 days. (there are a bunch of pictures uploading to shutterfly as I go check them out!)

These two really love their daddy...and so do I. He is the best!! :)

Monday, June 07, 2010

fitness challenge...

Well...I had grand plans of updating the blog while I listen to Bryce scream from his bed (I hate when he doesn't nap!). However as I sat down to start the abundence of posts to catch up on May, the laptop keeps shutting down on me randomly. Fantastic. So, no pictures for you today. Instead, I will just update you (from Bob's iPod) on my new fitness adventure! A few weeks ago my sister and I were chatting and I mentioned wanting to do the couch to 5k program. She had never heard of it so I sent her the link, we discussed it some and decided we were going to do it. We are on week 3 of the 9 week program and so far so good! We are looking into a 5k to do together so that we actually follow through...but we are doing it! It is sometimes really hard to find the motivation to get my butt moving to do the workout. But, with every day it slowly is getting easier. I really want to be one of those people who enjoys going for a run, for it to be a way for me to relieve stress and just make me feel better, I am definitely not there yet. Right now it is still a chore, it is not something that I look forward to, but I'll get there. I'll keep you posted on how it's going and I'll be sure to share when we finally decide on a 5k. OK...that is all for tonight...I think Bryce is finally asleep so I'm going enjoy the quiet for a moment. I'll be back soon!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

i've been mia..

So much to blog about...sorry I've been slacking. I'm really going to try to catch up this weekend. It has been crazy here...I think Bob and I have talked for a total of 10 minutes this week! Thanks for hanging with me...I'll catch you up on all things Carroll soon...graduation, a craft project, kiddo updates and my new fitness adventure all coming at you! Stay tuned!