Wednesday, January 31, 2007

we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...

Hi All!

Yes we are still around. I told you the posts would be few and far between! Send all your complaints to Bob, because I told him he needed to make posts in my absence! :) Anyway, just wanted to touch base and tell you that we're all fine, nothing really new and exciting to report. Brianna spent the weekend at Grandpa Bob and Grandma Nancy's house and they took this adorable picture of her that I just must share.

Hope everyone is doing well and that 2007 has been a good year so far!

We now return you to your day, already in progress...

PS. Grandpa K~ we love you and miss you everyday!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

happy 2007

Hello All!
Just a quick note tonight. We hope you all had a wonderful New Years, we spent the weekend in Iowa celebrating Christmas/New Years with my family. Brianna and Braden had a great time playing together and we had a good time watching them and relaxing.

It was great to be back in Iowa for a few days, since we probably won't get there again for a while. We headed back today and stopped in Galesburg along the way.

We saw the Business Office ladies for a while and then had lunch with CJ (former golf teammate of Bob's and current men's and women's golf coach at Knox).
Then headed back home and got everything unpacked and put away and we're trying to get ready to go back to work tomorrow. :o(

We wish you all a happy and healthy 2007!
(there are lots of new pictures...check them out!)