Tuesday, January 24, 2006

nothing new...

I know, I know...I've been slacking lately. Things have been busy with work, but other than that, nothing much going on here. Brianna is still fighting her cold and cough, but seems to be in pretty good spirits otherwise. Bob has started his winter volleyball league, and I am making the office my home for the next few months. Gotta love tax season!! :o) I've added captions to the pictures that don't have them, so now you can all go back and look at the pictures again and read my witty comments! I hope all is well with everyone, and I'll try to get back on my once a week schedule to update this. Have a great night everyone!

Happy Anniversary Tomorrow (January 25) Alli & Steve!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

rollin', rollin', rollin...

I know I told you that Brianna rolled over from her back to her tummy quite awhile ago. And she did, but we think that was just a fluke, because she never did it again, until Saturday. Yep, she is on the move. She's becoming quite good at it too. Although, once she is on her tummy, she doesn't really know what to do and she doesn't really enjoy being on her tummy, so she just cries. But we're very excited about her new little milestone. Even as I'm writing this, she is rolling around! :o) I've added some more pictures, a few anyway. Sorry I've been really bad about the updates and the pictures, things have just been crazy! I know...its no excuse... I'll try to do better! Love to all!

Monday, January 09, 2006

sorry to disappoint...

Nope...no new pictures! :o( Sorry, things have been hectic. I know thats no excuse, but to be quite honest, I haven't even taken any new pictures since Christmas. 1....2....3...4...now that you've had time to pick yourself up off the floor, from the shock that has just knocked you off of your chair, I'll continue. Today was Brianna's first day of daycare. And no, I didn't cry, I actually transitioned very well. I think Bob having her at home for the last 3 weeks definitely helped with that! When Bob picked her up tonight they told him they wish they had 12 (thats as many as they can have in the nursery) just like her. :o) The only thing that really stinks (besides actually haveing to pay for daycare!)is that I have to get up about an hour earlier than I did when she was coming to work with me. But I'm sure I'll get used to it quickly! She is finally starting to feel better and act more like herself, so that is definitely good. Besides that, I'm busy with tax season...so if I don't post on a regular basis, that is why, but I'll try my best, and Bob is busy catching up at work. We are also busy trying to get organized at home, we're doing pretty well so far, we'll see how long it keeps up! I'll try to take some pictures soon! Love to all!

PS. Keep the prayers coming for Miss McKenna, she has reached the 3 lb mark!! Keep praying and she'll be at home with her mommy and daddy before we know it!! :o)

Monday, January 02, 2006

happy new year

Well, 2006 has arrived. Sorry I don't have new pictures to post, things have been a little hectic around here. Brianna has been sick and we're trying to get her healthy again before she starts daycare next week. She went to the doctor on Friday and just fyi she now weighs 15 lbs 9 oz. She was started on antibiotics on Friday and also nebulizer treatments. Hopefully they will help and we can go back to normal around here. Unfortunately, this has caused her to wake up at night and sleep a lot during the day. Also, unfortunately she has passed her cold onto me. So, we ended up having a quiet New Year's Eve at home having a 24 marathon. We watched the first season and now we're about 12 hours into the second. We had the Carroll (immediate) family Christmas yesterday, and also the Caruso family Christmas. It was great to see everyone, and of course Brianna was spoiled rotten! I think she has enough toys & clothes to last her a lifetime. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy new year, and we look forward to seeing/hearing from you all!! Lots of love to you all from the three of us!!